It’s been a long day. You can say that it wasn’t what you thought it would be, actually this seems like the case all the time now. It’s not like anything bad happened, but it’s just what you’ve been feeling. You’re going home (from work, school, or wherever you’re coming from), you look up, and then you see it: the sky is turning a bit orange, then a bit yellow, then a combination of the two. The sun is setting and it’s creating a color explosion that you can’t take your eyes off of. Suddenly, you don’t feel as down as you were a moment ago. It still wasn’t the best of days, but now, at least, you have beautiful to look at. You take out your phone or camera, and you take a picture of the mesmerizing sky.

Photo by Pat Atendido (IG: @patreehugger)

You smile, then you go on with your day.

Photography has been one of the favorite hobbies ever since I learned how to a few years back. One thing I’ve noticed while looking at some of the photos I’ve taken through the years recently is that I have abundant photos of sunsets. Whether it’s in the city, the beach, or just in my house, I seem to always have a sunset photograph. There’s something magical about sunsets – no matter how my day went, I seem to feel a bit better just by looking at sunsets.

A sunset creates a vivid visual experience; it starts out by painting us a picture of warm colors mixing, then sometimes a bit of pink, then when the sun is almost disappearing in the horizon, a sea of blue waves in. What was once a dancing sky has turned into a dark blue twilight as nighttime arrives. Honestly, that’s just a general experience of it, because what’s even more alluring about sunsets is how they’re never really the same, and you never know what you’re going to see. Especially today, when something as accessible as our phones can take amazing photographs, it’s always a great feeling seeing people post online their photos of the sunset for that day.

Photo by Pat Atendido (IG: @patreehugger)

I’ve come to realize that sunsets make me feel better, because it’s a way of the universe telling me that, “Hey, you made it through the day, you deserve this view.” Sunsets are also a time where I just take a moment, and realize that the world is beautiful, no matter how cruel it can be sometimes. That short moment, where worries are gone, where nature is brushing its mighty strokes to create a master class of a painting, you can’t compare it to anything. It’s just a simple act of looking up, and taking everything in.