Your thoughts are swirling with ideas that you want to pursue, and we’re not doubting your creativity, Aquarius. You have the power to turn these ideas into reality and make something big of the projects you have in mind, and at this point in time you cannot deny what your recent experiences have taught you. Acknowledge your own courage as you were able to power through the worst of what the universe wanted to teach you to be able to reach this point in which you could reap the lessons that were in store for you all along. The right people will not fault you for this feeling of sentimentality of everything you’ve learned and been through because they know you deserve it.

In MARINA’s solemn ballad, she reflects on her recent experiences and how she’s thankful she’s finally arrived at her breakthrough. Join MARINA in this journey.

You’ve come so far. You’ll go far. Remind yourself you don’t need to know the answer right now. Others don’t have to understand right now. Everything is being worked out.

Jacqueline Whitney

Do not let your experiences be put to waste. Reflect on them and channel what you’ve learned in every way you can and see what value they can add to your everyday life. Your growth, no matter how substantial already, is not yet over.