The focus of home and space will jump up your priority list this month, Capricorn. In your impeccable work ethic and utter desire to constantly contribute to the world, you’ve forgotten to give yourself space to enjoy productivity through reflection. Among all the problems in the world you want to fix, your inner turmoil is probably a good start. Focus your work inward, starting with your home and personal space, and once you’ve settled yourself into a more peaceful setting, dive into the deeper stuff. Evaluate your goals and what you’ve been doing to reach them. It might be during this time you’ll realize you’ve lost sight of it in the need to be constantly doing something, and that your busy life might not be bringing you any closer to the life you want for yourself.

Indie folk band Of Monster and Men’s “Slow and Steady” has a melody meant for relaxation, and lyrics with a message that tells you that just because you’re taking it slow, does not mean you’re any less powerful. It sings of someone who is still full of thought, pondering, and the comparison to a waterfall in the chorus suggests that something inside is brewing. Can you relate, Capricorn?

We live in a world that puts so much emphasis on ‘hustling’ and not much emphasis on our overall well-being. You’re allowed to take it easy. You’re allowed to be standing still while everyone is hustling because it doesn’t matter how fast you move if you’re moving in the wrong direction.

Rania Naim

Remember that slowing down and lack of productivity are not mutually exclusive. Trust us, your work in the bigger scale of the world will have more impact once you’ve set these more personal things in order.