You’re always on-the-go and looking towards where you’re going next that you sometimes forget to look at yourself to check if you’re still going at the right direction (or at the right pace, for that matter) . Now is a good time to change that, Sagittarius. Open up your mind to the possibility that what you want might have changed, or how you have different priorities now. Life might have brought into focus your desire to have a more fun, laid-back life, or some freedom in terms of your relationships. It will never be too late to change the course of your life, nor is there a limit to how many times you can change.

No one should fault you for wanting something different. It could be something everyone tells you is good, but if it isn’t something that feels right for you at the moment, know that it is alright not to want it despite what the world tells you. Mitski’s “A Pearl” echoes this feeling as her raw vocals sing, “Sorry, I can’t take your touch / It’s just that I fell in love with a war / And nobody told me it ended.” She denies love that is available to her due to a strong pain she admits she still feels from her past. Channel this openness and realize that you know yourself and your struggles more than anyone else.

Today my dream is front and center, but living the dream isn’t the happy ending I once imagined. The truth is, my dream has changed; it has become clearer to me, and more challenging. Your story doesn’t end when your dreams come true, it changes.

Malinda Lo

No one’s telling you to stop going after your dreams, mind you. Just keep in mind that just because it is what you wanted then does not mean it still has to be what you want now.