While it’s true that you want to better yourself, you often back down when you realize how much change it’s going to take. And for you–more than any sign, probably–change is uncomfortable. It’s probably been said too many times before, but you cannot grow without change. The full moon in Libra will be illuminating what things in your life are no longer working for you, although your intuition has long been telling you. You know it stunts your growth and yet you stick with it. You dream of greener pastures but the journey there frigthens you to the point of immobility.

Just like FKJ, It’s time you stop waiting for the next part of your life to happen, Taurus. When you feel you’re done with your current situation, when any minute longer feels excruciating, there’s nothing for you to wait for anymore.

You ruin your life by tolerating it. At the end of the day you should be excited to be alive. When you settle for anything less than what you innately desire, you destroy the possibility that lives inside of you, and in that way you cheat both yourself and the world of your potential.

Bianca Sparacino

It’s all coming to a point when you have to question if what you consider your comfort zone is still actually comfortable, Taurus, or if you’re just stretching out your own resilience.