A common misconception make in astrology is basing compatibility between two people on their sun signs alone. A person’s sun sign only reveals their basic personality, and is merely scratching the surface. Each person has an entire natal chart of different possible placements in the different celestial bodies, based on their locations during the exact time of your birth. These placements define different aspects of a someone’s personality, innermost desires and behavioral tendencies. You can learn more about your natal chart and what role they play here.

In matters of love and romance, our sign in Venus arguably has the most to say about us. Being the planet of love, your Venus sign determines how you define love, what you look for in love, and how you act in love.

Venus in Aries

Baby, while we’re young, we should just have fun / We should just do whatever we want / And tell everyone that we fell in love with each other / Ooh, that we found the one in one another”
“While We’re Young” – Jhené Aiko

True to the aggressive nature of Aries, a Venus in Aries placement will recklessly dive headfirst into love. They will be upfront about their feelings, and would prefer a relationship that develops quickly. Jhené Aiko’s rapid escalation from “been a perfect day with ‘ya” to “wanna lay with ‘ya” and then suddenly to “spend my life with ‘ya” is an accurate depiction of how a Venus in Aries is like in love. Their feelings basically go zero to one hundred real quick. Be careful, though: that means their feelings might go one hundred back to zero just as quickly.

Venus in Taurus

“That sh*t blinds me when it hits the sun / And I know you’re not a hit and run / You can’t buy the kind of love we make / Boy, we’re gold, like the ring on your finger, 24K”
“24K” – Jae Stephens

A person with Venus in Taurus would take a long time to open up and fall in love. This is due to their cautious nature and love of comfort. You’ll know a Venus in Taurus is in love with you when they sacrifice their own feeling of safety and trust you enough to allow you within their thick emotional walls. And once you’re in, a Venus in Taurus is ready to give you all the love they have been purposely holding back. Jae Stephens’ “24K” accurately describes this, with the added bonus of comparing the feeling of love to the value of gold and money—very much true to the materialistic tendencies of Taureans.

Venus in Gemini

“Yeah, I see how this is different / Not the type of thing I’m used to / When you hold me in the morning / I’d rather stay than leave you”
“Misfits” – Kiana Valenciano

Having a Venus in Gemini is almost synonymous to having commitment issues. They value stimulation, variety, and excitement in their relationships, so they will be hard to pin down. Dating a Venus in Gemini is like a continuous series of surprise tests, with any failure to pass resulting in losing the person for good. Receiving their love, however, is the honor of being deemed as the only one worthy of their undivided affection. “Misfits” is an undeniable show of love for a Venus in Gemini because Kiana Valenciano sings about a connection so strong that she wants to stop playing games and just wants them to stay. For a placement that’s used to leaving first and treating relationships as something fleeting, being asked to stay is a big deal.

Venus in Cancer

“I wanna love you in every kind of way / I wanna please you, no matter how long it takes / If the world should end tomorrow, then we only have today / I’m gonna love you in every kind of way”
“Every Kind of Way” – H.E.R.

If you want a love that smothers you and cares for you deeply, then you should definitely look for someone with their Venus in Cancer. Cancer is a sign ruled by the moon, which explains the emotional and sensitive tendencies of Cancers. In the same way, a Venus in Cancer loves deeply and intimately, and Just like H.E.R. in “Every Kind of Way”, they will want to shower you with all the love and appreciation they have for you—in whatever way they might want to show it.

Venus in Leo

“Get me a drink I get drunk off one sip / Just so I can adore you / I want the entire street out of town / Just so I can be alone with you”
“Adore” – Amy Shark

If you’re an avid fan of astrology, you might already know of the stigma surrounding Leo placements of them being very self-absorbed. Well, for Venus in Leo, the same is true, but imagine all that adoration being poured into another person—which explains the song choice for this placement. When a Venus in Leo is in love, they fall deeply in a short amount of time and give a great amount of devotion to that person and that person alone, which unfortunately might end up being too overwhelming for some.

Venus in Virgo

“I don’t have a type but if I did it would be you / If I did, it would be you
I think you’re perfect for me / Running after love is the last thing that I do / But you know, I’m running around / ‘Cause I don’t, stop playing around”

“Try / Effortless” – dvsn

Whether they admit it or not, a Venus in Virgo already know what they’re looking for in a relationship and a partner, and if there’s something we know to be true about Virgo placements: it’s that once they have decided on a standard, it becomes a non-negotiable. Someone with a Venus in Virgo would rather be alone than be with someone they’re unsure of, because love is not a priority for them. However, once you do get their attention, they would be more than willing to bend over backwards and do anything they can for you—even if it may mean breaking the rules they have already set for themselves. The song by dvsn perfectly shows how a Venus in Virgo would have an inner monologue when they’re beginning to fall in love.

Venus in Libra

“Please call me your baby, baby, baby / Look how long that you have kept me waiting / I’m all in, look at all that I have given”
“Lovesick” – BANKS

While the title of “Lovesick” of BANKS’ song would seem to automatically shed a negative light on Venus in Libra, it’s really just about how in the true nature of the symbol of a woman holding scales, a Venus in Libra is in constant search of their other half, someone to balance the scales. Venus in Libra are not ashamed of how much they feel the need to have a partner, and just how much love they are willing to give their partner. Going back, to the symbol of scales, they will expect the same energy in return, as shown by BANKS when she asks: “Would you be down to spend all your time with me?”

Venus in Scorpio

“Make my body come alive / I’ve got a right to hurt inside / So will you hold me while I cry? / And let me lay against your side / So let me love, it’s good to love / Just let me love, it’s good to love”
“Good to Love” – FKA Twigs

There is no Venus sign that craves deep connections as much as a Venus in Scorpio. When in search of a partner, a Venus in Scorpio is looking for something that is already long-term, and have a lifetime of dedication ready to give for the partner that they have chosen. In return, however, they value trust, openness, and an equal amount of dedication. Venus in Scorpio will not open themselves up and share their deepest, darkest secrets (and with Scorpio placements, there are surely a lot) to someone they do not truly know or trust, and getting to know you will definitely be their first order of business.

Venus in Sagittarius

“I still think of you too if only you knew / I just need to work out some way of getting me to you / ‘Cause I will never find a love like ours out here / In a million years, a million years”
“Location Unknown” – HONNE

Venus in Sagittarius will fall in love and jump into a relationship quickly, but if there’s anything that Sagittarius placements hate the most, it’s being held down or restrained. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want to commit, though. Venus in Sagittarius wants a relationship that is stable enough to handle the love of a Sagittarius to constantly explore, but still be there when he or she is looking for a change in pace and wants to settle down for a bit. Despite this sounding a bit selfish, when dating a Venus in Sagittarius, it is important to remember that their love for freedom has nothing to do with you and you know they love you as long as they come home to you at the end of the day. There’s no song more perfect to show this than HONNE’s “Location Unknown”.

Venus in Capricorn

“I came here with a load / And it feels so much lighter / Now I met you / And honey, you should know / That I could never go on without you”
“Green Eyes” – Coldplay

Capricorn placements never do anything that do not contribute to their ambition, and while it may seem cold, Venus in Capricorn will not entertain relationships that are not useful or will actually hinder them from reaching their goals. Coldplay’s “Green Eyes” is a song of a love that aids one another and of dependency, and it seems apt for the love a Venus in Capricorn seeks because when they choose you, it is because they already see you as a lifelong partner in love and fulfilling their ambitions. And because of this, they will be willing to work with you through whatever problems may come along.

Venus in Aquarius

“You set yourself apart from the rest / You’re like the nervousness in my chest / You’re the way I lose my breath / You’re the one who’s there when there’s no-one left”
“Don’t Be Scared” – Sophie Meiers, Michael Mason

In true Aquarian nature, Venus in Aquarius tend to take relationships lightly (in fact, a lot of them aren’t even looking for a relationship) and in searching for a partner, are looking for those that stand out above the rest. As described by Sophie Meiers and Michael Mason, a Venus in Aquarius demands a love that exhilarates, that excites, and one unlike any they have experienced before. That is why it will take a special snowflake the get—and keep—the attention of someone whose feelings are as fleeting as a Venus in Aquarius.

Venus in Pisces

“I’ll be your lighthouse when you’re lost at sea / I’ll keep my light on, baby, you can always come to me / I wanna be the place you call your home / Just let me in your arms”
“All That” – Carly Rae Jepsen

Always lost in thought imagining all the love they have for you and all the ways they want to show it, and just waiting for you to give them the chance to pour it all to you—that is how a Venus in Pisces loves, and that is the entire theme of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “All That”. They are always willing to go all-out for the ones they love, and just like any Pisces placement, they definitely have a lot of love to give. You can be sure that a Venus in Pisces will love you wholly, and unfortunately for them, they will continue to love even at times when it is no longer being reciprocated on the same amount.

More than your Venus sign, relationships can still be determined by a lot of other placements in your natal chart. For the more sexual aspect of relationships, your Mars placement might come into play more, while your communication could be more explained by your Mercury sign. Either way, these songs for the Venus signs surely have a lot of insight to give to understand yourselves, or your partners, better.