No spoilers ahead.

Just last night, Netflix added a new entry to their collection of romantic comedies, and this time, they’re adding their own twist to the typical fresh-off-a-break-up plot. Netflix’s Someone Great centers around Jenny (played by Gina Rodriguez from Jane The Virgin), a 29-year-old getting ready to move halfway across the country to take on her dream job, but is also fresh off the untimely demise of her 9-year relationship with her college beau, Nate.

In her downward spiral of grief and terrible coping mechanisms, Jenny brings along her two best friends, who we later find aren’t in better places themselves: Blair, the uptight, set-on-her-goals girl with a ten-year plan that she’s having trouble fulfilling, and Erin, the one who’s still very much high on life and finds it difficult to take anything, including her relationships, seriously. In short, the three main characters are a painfully accurate depiction of you and your friend group in your twenties.

Together, these three girls abandon their responsibilities and whatever existing moral compass they may or may not have with the goal of getting Jenny’s mind off of her heartbreak in mind. From buying concert tickets from scalpers, to getting drunk at noon, to the sending of drunk messages, and to breaking out in song in a convenience store, many of these situations will definitely hit close to home, and that’s the beauty of it.

Someone Great isn’t spectacular, but it is unapologetically a romantic comedy that ultimately succeeds in its simple goal of giving you a good laugh from seeing at all the things Jenny and her squad get into and just the right amount of heartache to make you feel something. In the process, you can’t help but reminisce about everything you and your friends have done in the name of craziness and love as you see yourselves in the characters and their different struggles.

A dominant theme highlighted in the film (which I love) is about the discomforts of growing up. From the falling apart of Jenny and Nate’s love affair, to recurring mentions of responsibilities coming in the way of enjoying life—Someone Great, more than being a break-up film, playfully discusses the pains of facing adulthood. We later discover that this isn’t just about Jenny getting over the relationship that has just ended, it’s also her and her friends realizing that growing up means making tough calls and swallowing hard pills, like accepting that your life may not go as you planned, or that at one point or another, you’ll have to grow from the pain you’ve gone through, or that friendship means calling out your friends on their questionable behavior now and then.

In whatever state of your life you are right now, there is something for you in Someone Great. You don’t have to be going through a heartbreak to relate to it. You just have to be someone who is currently navigating the scary, confusing world of adulthood, who is able to laugh at themselves and their failures, and understands that there is nothing you can’t overcome without some booze and great friends.

If you haven’t watched it yet, Someone Great is now streaming on Netflix!