Don’t be so caught up with trying to be so independent that you rid yourself of the pleasure of stability and the comfort of a homebase. The sun is in Taurus and you cannot be anymore different from the bull, but the beauty of opposites is that you have a lot to learn from one another. Let this time teach you the importance of having a home to come back to—whether in the form of friends, family, or any form of escape that you keep exclusively for yourself. You cannot go far without attaching yourself to something in one way or another, and you cannot survive many harsh realities if you have nowhere to retreat to. Find your roots, Aquarius.

SZA’s upbeat song on the feeling of being insufficient and growing up is a song you’ll relate to, Aquarius. You know you’re growing and exploring, and while it might not be the best time to bring someone along for the whole ride, wouldn’t it be great to know that there’s someone waiting for you at the end of it all?

I hope we never run out of time. I hope we will never say it’s too late to chase our dreams and love ourselves in each passing moment. I hope we’ll choose what’s best for us, no matter how confusing it might become. I hope our soul lives fully, so we won’t regret not having so much time.


Let this period be a form of self-care, as you realize that while your pursuit of success and validation is not wrong, it is not going to be what brings you peace. You’ll have to find that kind of peace elsewhere.