Taureans are often faulted as being slow and lazy, and those traits might be what you need to channel at the peak of Taurus season. Things are moving faster than you can fully process them, and you’re realizing things that you never saw coming—and that’s okay. The answer to that is simple: remember that taking your time is always an option. Reflect or ask the help of your loved ones; do whatever it is that will help you most at a time like this. More importantly, remember to do all this at your own pace, Cancer.

In the same way RINI takes on a passive voice at the end of a relationship in “My Favourite Clothes,” as he simply accepts the reality of his situation. Chill out and get his level as you remember that not everything has to include struggle, not everything has to be rushed or forced.

Life isn’t something you can give an answer to today. You should enjoy the process of waiting, the process of becoming what you are. There is nothing more delightful than planting flower seeds and not knowing what kind of flowers are going to come up.

Milton H. Erickson

Distance yourself from the norms of a world that rushes things, and embrace your nature to feel things more deeply than others. Your emotions haven’t lead you astray before, have they? Yes, things are moving fast and the answer isn’t coming immediately, but maybe what you’re meant to do with your emotions at this time is to feel them, awaiting what lessons they will reveal to you.