You’re one to listen more to logic than to emotions, but this time is revealing things to you that will make it hard for you to steer yourself with your brain. You’re feeling burnt out, tired, and anyone in your situation would find it hard not to be emotional. Trust that you are not misguided, and that in some matters your heart will know what is better for you. It is your heart that will tell you that something is exhausting you, what is causing your restlessness, and that there is somewhere else you’d rather be. Still, your mind will find a way to assert itself in its own way and you will know that emotional decisions can also be logical ones.

We know all about your inner conflict now, Gemini. Pink Sweat$ weights the pros and cons of feelings in “Honesty,” and isn’t that similar to what you’re doing now? Feelings are illogical—that’s a notion you’re used to. The thing is: feelings are also pretty powerful in their own, unexplainable way. You’re learning this the hard way.

You grow and you blossom, and you realize what’s important in the world…and that’s what will lead you out of the darkness and into the light.

Colleen George

Do not let yourself be consumed by the chaos of your situation and the whirlwind of your emotions, but instead find a way make sense of it all and use these realizations to guide you as you figure out what your next steps should be.