Do you already have a goal in mind, Leo? Your drive will be tested as you encounter roadblocks and detours on your way to your goal. In this process, you’ll realize that you might have been trying to achieve this goal in all the wrong ways, or you might even find that what you thought was your goal is not what you really wanted in the first place. Do not be discouraged, but rather be open to what this might teach you.

Hozier’s reminds you, “All you have is your fire / And the place you need to reach.” Don’t let this fire burn out once you’ve found it, Leo. Difficulties are inevitable and your inner voice might be the one that doubts you the most, but know that there are times when their purpose will be to help guide you into the right direction.

Everything in your life you have brought to it, and I know it would seem ridiculous that you could ever bring forth tragedy and misery into your life, but you have and it’s absolutely crucial that you realize this. Your life changes the day you decide it should. You are happy the day you decide you will be, or that you will take the necessary steps to facilitate it.

Brianna Wiest

You’re one who is set on what you want, but if this experience showed you anything, it’s that you are still growing and learning more about yourself as time goes by. Have plans, but be open enough to welcome any change that might be required along with your own transformations. The goal you’re chasing now might be the goal you set for yourself a year ago, but can you say you are the same person you were a year ago? The beauty of being in-charge of your own life is you can make the choice to change it.