Stillness is important in taking a photograph, and the same is true with the landscape of your life, Libra. There’s nothing that requires your attention more than the present. Give yourself time to pause, look around, and take everything in—no filters, no sugarcoating. View the big picture of your life and study every little detail. Only by doing so can you identify each and every flaw, each ounce of negativity, and every feeling of hurt, which is the first step to ridding yourself of them.

“Be Real” is an honest look at a relationship that’s no longer serving both parties, and they were only able to decide they felt that way as they factor in their feelings and their struggles. Is there something you need to lay on the table, Libra? We know you hate decision-making, but just like Bandersnatch, you might not be able to get any resolution until you make a choice.

Life is about slowing down. Being still. Finding your place in the universe and being okay with that place, even when it’s frustrating or exhausting or beautiful or confusing or somewhere in-between.

Marisa Donnelly

Marie Kondo always encourages people to put everything into a pile before asking which ones spark joy. Do the same with your life. Your thoughts, your relationships, your activities—when you feel no longer serve a purpose in the greater landscape of your life, then say thank you, and good-bye.