A free spirit is not the same as a thoughtless one. Taurus season highlights the importance of long-term plans and habits—two things a spontaneous person like you are admittedly not fond of. We all need an anchor, Sagittarius. Contrary to what you think, it won’t bring you down. It just helps to have a preferred outcome in mind, to guide you in making decisions, on what you spend your time on, and what you give your energy to. Nothing is off-limits to you but remember that not everything is worthwhile. Don’t be so caught up with exploring that you don’t know what you want at the end of it all.

As Florist reminisces at the past, there is the undeniable tone of not knowing where they’re going at the present. It’s the incapability to make a decision because you’ve been making a lot of short term ones and you don’t know where to go after. I’m sure you can relate, Sagittarius, but remember that it’s not too late to set a direction for yourself.

You won’t lose someone because you set boundaries, you’ll lose yourself if you don’t.

Treka L. House

The full moon in the Scorpio will unearth things you may have been actively keeping hidden. As these things become revealed to you, consider how they impact your motivations. Are you constantly moving because you want to see more and do more, or are you trying to distract yourself from the less pleasant aspects of life? There’s no distance in the world that can keep you from something within.