Not all feelings need to felt so deeply, Scorpio. If there’s one reminder you should keep in mind during this time, it’s to let things be. Life will unfold itself and give you the answers you seek in its own time, and rushing yourself into knowing everything when life isn’t ready to give it to you will only call restlessness. Be patient, knowing that the right things will come at the right time. And on a similar note, be open to the possibility that the right things may come in different forms than what you prepared for. Life is full of surprises and the best way to go about a surprise is to accept it. Take this as an exercise of allowing things to unravel without probing (you’ve already lost enough sleep because of that habit).

Moonchild woos a potential lover who is too damaged by a past love, as she sings: “Don’t be afraid of a good thing.” That damaged one is you, Scorpio. Do not be so accustomed to grief that the potential of happiness scares you.

A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be, and then making the best of it.


As you wait for life to run its course, focus on your inner work. You’re anxious for the next step of your life to reveal itself to you, but have you asked yourself if you’ve let go of everything holding you back when the time comes for you to step forward?