Your thoughts, your goals, your dreams, will remain as such as long as you allow them to be, Taurus. They will remain as such until you follow-through and take action in bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Last month, we focused on re-evaluating your comfort zone and how it may cause your stagnation. The answer to this is becoming clearer and clearer to you, but your stubborn nature still refuses to accept it. Self-care goes beyond doing what seems comfortable to you. Sometimes, it involves doing the necessary moves to remove yourself from a situation that no longer serves you.

It all starts with a realization that you no longer like your current situation, and that you want out. That’s what UPSAHL’s singing about: a discomfort that springs you up to want to action to get out of it. Channel this feeling.

Never wait for the perfect time and opportunity. It will never come; you have to create it. Doubts hinder us from growing and reaching our goals. Never let it ruin your mind. When you doubt, you lose the moment to become better.

EJ Cenita

These aren’t concerns you need to give an answer to right now, so you are allowed to give yourself time to make a decision (and we know you will). However, expect the full moon in Scorpio to slowly reveal things to you about your own emotions that will ignite a fire for that might cause you to do something drastic about your current state.