Despite its continuously growing LGBTIQ community, the Philippines has miles to go before it can be said that equal rights is provided to all Filipinos. The SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Equality) Bill has long been lagging in the Congress, and is actually in danger of being archived and put back into its early stages, putting 19 years of work into waste. More than that, 6 out of 10 LGBTIQ have reported to still experiencing forms of bullying, discrimination, and harassment in one form or another due to their gender identity, gender expression or sexual preference.

While we still have miles to cross, we have a chance to take a step in the right direction for the equal rights for the LGBTIQ community

On its website, the 17th Congress has put up a poll asking for the opinions of the people on same-sex unions, providing options and explanations for those who are supportive, against, and undecided.

With the country’s strong roots in Catholic beliefs and conservative ideals, it is no surprise that as of this writing, the votes for those who are against same-sex unions beat out the votes for those who support it. But if the recent midterm elections have showed us anything, it is that, more than ever, we should take every chance we can get to speak up and to let our voices be heard. We cannot say for sure how the poll will affect the discussions on the welfare of the country’s LGBTIQ community, but we should keep in mind that big battles are won by seemingly small actions.

You can cast a vote on the poll here.

Know that RATED AHRT is in support of same-sex unions. We believe in everyone’s right to love who they love, their right to stand by those choices, and their right for this love to be acknowledged, to be considered valid, to be understood, and to be accepted. No religion and no lack of understanding should stop those who, in a world full of hate and divisiveness, make the brave choice to love.