It seems like it was just yesterday when we welcomed Taurus season, the calm and collected sign out of the bunch, and out of nowhere we’re suddenly plunged into a new season as the sun and Mercury moves into Gemini. But what is it about Mercury and the sun being in Gemini that makes a lot of us anxious for the coming weeks?

The Gemini season starts on the 21st of May and lasts for a month, so if you’ve been feeling uneasy for the past few days, then you have Mercury and the sun moving into Gemini to blame. Every sign has a ruling planet, and Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, sharing it with the Earth sign Virgo.

Mercury is known as the messenger planet, so one of the key traits that Gemini-born people have is great communication, exuding a lot of energy and curiosity whenever they interact with other people. This season will focus on all the Geminis we know in our life, as they will be literally the center of attention for the next few days until Mercury moves into Water sign Cancer on June 4.

While the Gemini season will see a lot of new ideas, opportunities, and heightened energy for Geminis, we couldn’t help but think about what will happen to non-Gemini people (like the writer of this article).

This sudden influx of energy and the need to properly communicate with others can be overwhelming at first, making it hard for us to adjust during the first few days of the season. But as we regularly welcome a new season, we have to use this newfound energy to our advantage and make the most out of this current season. Let this be your guide to get through the rollercoaster ride that is the Gemini season.  

Build lasting relationships 

This Gemini season, use the power of great communication to further strengthen your relationships with other people. People already tend to gravitate towards your atmosphere, utilize this season to create new connections for yourself, whether it be on your personal or professional life.

Seek new career possibilities

This season will require you to focus your energy on your career. You have to build up the courage to prove yourself among your peers, and one way to do that is to have better communication with other people. You might feel anxious in the beginning, but working hard to achieve that goal you’ve always set for yourself should be the end result that you should get by the season’s end.

Work on yourself

As we undergo another Gemini season, focus on building and creating the best version of yourself. Enjoy yourself with the company of friends or by just being comfortable in your own skin. Seek out for new adventures and try to embrace the moment; get out of your comfort zone and explore the possibility of the unknown. You’ll never know where this ‘unknown’ will lead you if you don’t try it.

Control your emotions and make money moves

Communication really is the key to make everything better, especially when you have internal arguments with yourself. Learn to effectively control your emotions, as your intuition will greatly heighten as the season progress. Money will also be one of your main concerns this Gemini season; try to cut down on your spending and settle everything that’s related to bills before the season ends. You wouldn’t want to carry additional baggage when entering the next season, would you?

The Gemini season will last for only a month, but the actions and decisions that we’ll be making within the season can have a lasting impact throughout our year. You can use this season to wise up and thoroughly think things through, before you regret everything.