We all know the traits and nuances of Virgo placements. They’re the perfectionists, the ones who have their sh*t together, and the ones who have plans and want these plans to be followed to a T. In every squad outing, they’re very likely the ones who make schedules, budgets, and the ones you call for anything that requires organization. Love them or hate them for it, a Virgo’s job is never done until everything is on the level of near-perfection they aspire for.

From August 23 up until September 23, the sun moves into Virgo. So, what does that mean for all of us? During this time, the analytical energy and strong desire for organization that Virgos are known for will be felt by all of us. Being analytical and organized may sound like good things (and they are!), but the other side of it is the strong tendency to be unforgiving to yourself and others and feel slightly unhinged when things go your way. Just ask your Virgo friends.

Not to fret! Here are some reminders to help you make the most out of this time, and some statements you’ll want to repeat to yourself constantly when life takes you on unexpected detours that you did not want to be in or expect.

Get in formation.

You might as well make the most out of what this season brings, right? Virgo season gives you a chance to take a look into the entirety of your situation, and drill down on what’s working and what’s not. And with that, comes with the desire to fix it. This season will reveal to you ways you have been self-sabotaging or stunting your own growth. Have you been too impractical on your spending? Too impulsive on your decisions? Use this season to get your ducks in a row and to figure out habits that are no longer serving you. It does not hurt to keep yourself in check and hold yourself accountable for your own faults every now and then.

Figure out what you want and make plans to get it.

If there’s one thing we all have to applaud Virgos for, it’s their capacity to plan things. With this season, that energy is yours to harness. If there’s ever a perfect time to figure out your next steps and to ask yourself what you want in the next phase of your life, this is it. Do not confuse your new-found desire to make plans for the future as the need to make irrational decisions on the spot. Rather, Virgo season is about setting things into motion that will lay out the steps of where you want to be. Be in it for the long haul. Now, the universe is telling you that it’s a time for a deep dive analysis and some planning sessions—so get on it!

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Things take time. Things don’t always go according to plan. Things might not always work out. And the common denominator among all these is that none of it is your fault. As the sun is in Virgo we can’t help but take it deeply when things don’t go as planned, and more than that, we tend to shift all the blame on ourselves and exaggerate the gravity of our faults. During this time, it is important to remember that we only have so much control of our lives. When something unexpected takes place, don’t take it as a sign of your insufficiency. In all things, remind yourself that you’ve done everything that you can.

Be open to the plans of the universe.

I can already sense the shivers down the spine of the Virgo placements reading this, but yes, we are, at the end of the day, at the mercy of the universe. While it is good to have plans for how you want your life to be, look back and think about it: how many times in your life has it gone 100% according to plan? And how many times has it ultimately ended up for the better? Know when to let go of plans you’ve made for yourself and your idea of how things are supposed to go, and just trust in the timing of your life. Believe that no matter what, the universe always has your best interests at heart.

To summarize everything we need to keep in mind to make the best out of this season, it’s to make plans, but to be open for any detours. This can be an exciting time for everyone in as much as it can be challenging. Just like in everything in astrology, whether you allow it to help you or destroy you is entirely up to you.