You love self-care, don’t you? Of course you do. And on the other side of it is your love of taking care of others. A full moon in the middle of the month will reveal that at a certain point, caring too much might actually be a fault. Consider that not all connections you think are valuable are actually worth keeping. It may be those connections with people that you constantly feel the need to fix or rescue but have no desire of helping themselves, the ones who constantly remind you of who you used to be at a time when all you want to do is change, or the ones who never had your best interests at heart to begin with. This period will shed light on this area of your life.

Listen to: “No More Suckers” by MARINA

Must-watch: Frances Ha (2012)

Keep in mind:

I never think about how my life and everything it revolves around can so drastically change, until it does. And it always does. But the same way someone you once knew everything about becomes a stranger, strangers can become someone you know everything about. And there’s one out there right now whose name you don’t even know, who will one day help you name your child.
Art by Stacey Rozich

This might be the form of self-care you need to do during this month. The ones you like to keep closest might have a more negative effect on your well-being than you choose to acknowledge, and you owe it to yourself to cut yourself loose of those chains.