Something that you’re often guilty of doing, Scorpio, is keeping the storms raging inside of you to yourself, most probably in fear of how others will react to it. This period will show you the ways you have been keeping yourself small and ignoring your own struggles for the comfort of others, as the storms you’ve been trying so hard to keep hidden urges to come out. Take this as an opportunity to understand that having needs and experiencing pain does not make you difficult. You will find that the ones who truly love you will not love you any less once you express your fears and make your needs known. At the end of it all, ask yourself if any relationship that might potentially get strained once you decide to verbalize your needs are relationships you will want to keep.

Listen to: “Water Me” by Lizzo

Must-watch: Love, Simon (2018)

Keep in mind:

Some people will like you for no reason, some people will not like you for no reason. Who you choose to spend the most time, thoughts, and effort on, depend on exactly how much you like yourself. By just staying near to people who treat you poorly, you are telling them it’s OK to do so. Only keep people close to you who treat you well.

Doe Zantamata
Art by Richard Ahnert

This month, learn to stop invalidating your own emotions just because you feel they will cause the discomfort of others. Contrary to what you believe now, it is not your responsibility to make yourself suffer to keep others happy.