When people say they love astrology and enjoy reading their horoscopes, most of the time they don’t really mean they want to know whether or not it’s a good time to buy a new house or if money is coming their way. They seek to understand themselves more, to know themselves better through signs, planetary placements, and the like. In short: astrology is used for introspection.

That’s what makes The Pattern such a fun, insightful astrology app: it manages to provide a lot of useful, relatable information based on astrological insights without boring you with all the details. Because, admit it: some of us just want to know how to make sense of what we’re feeling, but not delve into the specifics too much. It’s not going to tell you that you’re going to feel this way because there’s a full moon in Pisces happening right now, it just gives you what you need to know in a way that is easy to digest, that is relevant to your immediate situation, and that is not a chore to read.

Just like the more popular astrology app Co-Star, The Pattern will ask for the details of your birth such as the date, time, and location, and will use these as a basis for the information it will provide. However, instead of just giving you daily horoscopes and information on your natal chart (which, honestly, you can get from a lot of other places), The Pattern takes it a step further. But how?

The Pattern provides you in-depth, comprehensive information about you and your behavioral and emotional tendencies, and highlights the experiences and challenges you might have had that have shaped who you are today—all by using the planetary positions during your time of birth and the different planetary movements that have taken place as long as you had been alive. This part of the app is called “Your Pattern.” Contrary to the one paragraph write-ups that Co-Star provides per placement, The Pattern divides it into separate aspects of who you are, with descriptions of your traits as headings. To give you an idea, here’s how mine looks like:

If you want a deeper dive, you can click on them, and it will explain that aspect of your personality more. What it will give you is something that is so accurate, that I guarantee you will feel even more attacked each time you swipe. Because it’s a pattern, you won’t just be described, but rather, your experiences and how they helped shaped who you are now would also be put into consideration. From how you were brought up, to your family life, to past relationship trauma—all of it will be cited. For me, majority of it was spot-on. And, truth be told, it was a bit scary.

What really sets this app apart is a section called “Your Timing.” This part describes the current phase of your life on the basis of where the planetary bodies are now. And because this is your timing, the information it will give you will be tailor-fit based on how these planetary movements affect you based on your natal chart. For example, if there’s a full moon in Virgo in the middle of Aries season, it will describe the feelings you’ll be feeling and action points you might want to take while these movements are active based on how the signs in your natal chart will interact with these movements. More than that, it will have a countdown telling you how long until these placements change, and even provide what the upcoming timings will be.

The Pattern is also a form of social media, as it encourages you to connect with your friends and to cross-examine your patterns and your timings with theirs. The app allows you to see the patterns of your friends (depending on their privacy settings), and compare your patterns to one another and see how your interactions tend to play out. In a way, it helps you understand your loved ones in a more intimate manner, explain your compatibility and why your dynamics are the way they are, and more importantly, it will guide you on how best to relate with them. Furthermore, as different planetary movements affect different placements in different ways (like how a certain season will affect a Leo and Scorpio differently), you will also be able to see the Timings of your friends. This will give you an insider look of the emotions they might be dealing with, and whether or not both of you are undergoing the same thing.

There are a lot of other cool features in The Pattern, like being able to check your compatibility with a hypothetical placement (a good way to know if you and a crush who still has no idea you exist are compatible!) and privacy settings, so only your contacts can see your pattern. It’s also a good idea enable Push Notifications, so you can wake up every morning to a reminder from the app on how to best navigate your current timing, which, for me, has been my daily dose of morning attacks, but also timely reminders. More than being spot-on, it will provide pieces of advice for you to keep in mind and action points for you to do to make the most out of what is currently going on with the stars.

Read Your Pattern and you’ll feel like the app was somehow able to download your entire life story. Check Your Timing daily and you will be convinced that they have been listening to your conversations. The Pattern will definitely be your newest addiction.