My body all over your body, babe. I cannot help but quote LSG when thinking of love making. Some of us have been there: wanting to make love with the person we are with, but are hesitant. Our reasons may vary, but hey, it’s your body. It’s totally up to you if you want to give in to the temptation. Or not. Whenever I would hear songs with this vibe, I think of it as a form of art—the way sexual songs help put some people into the mood.

I’m obsessed with 90’s R&B—especially with baby-making songs. The slow sexy voices of the artists, the alluring beats, lines which are openly expressive of wanting to kiss, to stick their body close to the person they are with, expressing how someone makes them feel things they have never felt before, etc.. These are just some of the reasons why I’m madly in love with it.

You could be on a dinner date and the next thing that is on your mind is turning the person you are with into dessert. I could imagine having dinner in a fancy restaurant and I would hear “Any Time, Any Place” by Janet Jackson. – I’d definitely want to leave immediately and go somewhere private with that other person. If you are someone who loves oral sex, “Freak Me” by Silk could be pleasant to your ears. Let me lick you up and down ’til you say stop. Imagine your lover eating you out, satisfying you until you want. What a nice way to heat things up before the real thing, right? 

If you’ll check out music videos of these ‘90s baby making songs, they all have the same theme: passionate kissing, girls in their sexy lace lingerie dirty dancing, a whole lot of teasing, foreplay, etc.— I love it. Seeing those music videos makes you envision having your moment in those scenarios. Sex in these videos is seen more as love making; doing it with your significantother or someone you adore. This is the kind of sexual life I am looking for in a relationship. Those steamy encounters that make you want to f*ck the whole day. The kind of thing that you can’t do with just anyone— it really needs to be with someone you love so deeply. If there is something that I’d like to tell the guy I am currently interested in right now, I would quote Keith Sweat from his song “Nobody”: I want your body ‘til the very last drop.

I could already imagine that a lot of 90’s babies were made with the 1994 Boyz II Men hit single: “I’ll Make Love To You.” If you look at the lyrics to this song, you would see that it portrays that ideal love-making situation. The setting would be in a dark room, and the only source of light is through a candlelight, which is mentioned at the beginning of the song. It is romantic for those who like it in the dark. Girl relax, let’s go slow. This line from the song is another factor which shows us that going slow is not bad. Think of how your clitoris and g-spot would be clicked slowly, wouldn’t that be a great feeling? Just enjoying every sensation until you feel your orgasm.

I was afraid to talk about sexual topics back then because I was scared that I’ll be judged by the people around me. It was through the radio show, Boys Night Out, in which I was able to speak up freely without giving a damn when it comes to talking about what I need and want for my sexual life. I was able to write sex stories for their segment called: “Confession Sessions.” Some are my personal stories and some are inspired by my sexual fantasies. If you are based in the Phillippines, I hope that you could try listening to this radio show even just for once to open up your mind that it’s okay to be sexual. It’s a human thing, and only you could decide how you want to enjoy this aspect.

Here is the playlist that I curated for you if you are feeling naughty:

Or you can listen to it here.

May these songs serve as an inspiration to remind you that it’s okay to be sexual— as long as you won’t be too vulgar about it, of course. Being sexual is frowned upon in our society— most especially because we live in a conservative country. Love making is truly a lost art form today. I hope that we learn to value the art of teasing and foreplay more. You are sexy in your own way and don’t let society dictate how you want to suffice your definition of sexual pleasure.