Consider this: not all that weighs you down is yours to carry. The problems you take upon yourself to fix, aren’t always in your power to address. The issues of others that you allow to affect you in a major way, might not have anything to do with you to begin with. You have long had this tendency to be so hard on yourself that leads you to finding the need to taking up everyone else’s burdens, and being so, so, so put down when you fail to do just that. This time calls upon you to discard what you can. To define yourself with something other than your use for others.

Listen to: “Do Not Disturb” by Mahalia

Must-watch: High Fidelity (2000)

Keep in mind:

You deserve to be in spaces and relationships that make you happy, that feed your soul and help you grow. You are worthy of connections that are loving, nourishing, kind and authentic. So before you settle for anything less than, remind yourself that the places you visit and the people you journey with through life should make you feel safe, loved and enough.

Alex Elle
Art by James Jean

What is it you want, Leo? What needs and wants of yours need to be fulfilled? Without the burden of other people’s baggage and the trouble of worrying about circumstances beyond your control, what would you pursue relentlessly—with the same fiery passion that is expected of the sign that is associated with the sun?