As waves upon waves of emotions pile up within you to the point of threatening to burst, keep in mind one thing: above all else, prioritize your peace. It will be tempting for you to focus all your energy on one thing and pour all of it there, or to find several things to distract you so the feelings don’t seem so loud anymore. That’s not peace. That’s avoidance. Peace is you coming to terms with what you’re going through. Happiness will not come easily, but it is definitely on its way. So, for now, settle for peace. Settle for a quiet state of acceptance as you wait for better days to come. Settle for calming your inner storms and making sense of what you’re feeling.

Listen to: “Fool’s Gold” by Briston Maroney

Must-watch: Wish I Was Here (2014)

Keep in mind:

Get into the habit of asking yourself, does this support the life I am trying to create?

Irisa Yardenah⁣⁣
Art by Andreas Gaschka & Johannes Deml

What gives you peace, Libra? Is it being by yourself surrounded by silence? Is it being able to comfortably express what you’re feeling to a loved one until the words that are coming out of your mouth start making sense? You decide what it is, Libra, so the answer to what you should do isn’t difficult.