Only if you are the luckiest person in the universe will you get everything you want in the way you want them. Most (if not all) of us, however, are not. That is why we have to learn to take what we can get and be thankful for them, and to give up what we have to in exchange for what we want more. Ask yourself: what are you willing to and not willing to compromise? Or rather, what do you value the most at the moment and what are you willing to give up for it? What you value will dictate how you view your current situation, and will guide you in figuring out as you make decisions towards your next situation. For example, do you value your time with yourself and your loved ones? If so, are you willing to give up better learning or financial opportunities for that? If you value pursuing your ambitions, are you willing to burn some bridges to get there? This time brings questions like these to light.

Listen to: “Honey” by Robyn

Must-watch: The Little Prince (2015)

Keep in mind:

Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere, doing something else, being someone else.

Isaac Asimov
Art by AJ Tuana

Through this, more of yourself will be revealed to you, and you will find that by identifying your values, you are able to create boundaries and set up a metric to see whether or not you are currently having your needs met. You will then be able to make important decisions in a more objective way while still remaining true to your inner self.