It’s not easy being you, Pisces. Those dreams, those emotions, and the overwhelming need to care for others will exhaust even the largest of hearts. At times, having a heart as big as yours might have even cost you in the form of betrayal or unreciprocated feelings.

That’s why it’s important for you to acknowledge how difficult it is, and begin to own your power. You might find it in the form of acknowledgement from your loved ones, or even seeing the ways you have given it your all, been broken, and managed to get back up again. Look back on yesterday and realize the strength you have today.

Listen to: “Trust (Fall)” by Jada Somiah

Keep in mind:

A year ago, everything was different. I wouldn’t have pictured myself like this. And now that I look back, I have realized that a year can do a lot to a person.

Art by Seb Agresti

On the other side of it, allow yourself to just be alone with your dreams. Just dive into them. When you realize just how much you’ve overcome, you begin to see how limitless your future really is.