The time brings your attention to your relationships. What you have been known for is a certain kind of strength — your capacity to hold things on your own as much as you can no matter how chaotic they begin to get. This may have served you well, but you also ahve to admit the ways this has proven problematic for you.

Now, a different kind of strength is being asked of you. This is the strength to be open, to let your feelings be known in the way they have long been begging to be known. Channel this strength, and then ask yourself how you can share this strength with others. This may come in the form of letting your loved ones know that you care and that you are present, but it can also mean breaking off connections that you know hasn’t been doing either of you well. Either act requires a lot of strength, and all relationships are two-way streets.

Listen to: “Guilty Party” by The National

Keep in mind:

One day you’ll have whatever it is you’re now so confusedly seeking. That kind of calm that comes from knowing oneself and others. But you can’t rush the arrival of that state of mind. There are things you only learn when no one teaches them. And that’s how it is with life. There’s even more beauty in discovering it for yourself, in spite of the suffering. Sensitive people are both unhappier and happier than others. But give it some time.

Clarice Lispecto
Art by Isabella Gillespie

You have mystical powers within you, Scorpio. You know that. They’re usually disguised in the form of your gut feel or instincts. Trust them even more and do what is necessary, for your sake and the sake of others around you.