It hits you in the most unexpected of moments — in the middle of a ridiculously long fit of laughter over lunch, at 3AM inside your car on your way home from a night out, or even when you’re hiding your phone as you text and giggle in class because the conversation in the group chat is just way too funny to miss out on.

It’s the feeling of thankfulness, as it sinks in just how blessed you are to be surrounded by such great people. Or maybe the feeling of peace, because you know you’ve found life constants, and more than that, you’ve found the ones whom you know you are the best version of yourself with.

I feel like we don’t give too much value to this feeling.

Starting off with Allie X’s “That’s So Us” and Taylor Swift’s “New Romantics,” we start with the good times—the nights out, the funny conversations, the shared interests. These, of course, you cannot exclude. After all, this is how most great friendships begin.

But one thing I’ve found is that friendships are proven at the worst of times, and nothing encapsulates this more than Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Making the Most of the Night,” in which the chorus goes: “Baby, I’m speeding and, red lights, I’ll run. What I got you need it, and I’ll run to your side when your heart is bleeding.” It’s about who you turn to when your heart is in pieces from being broken in half by the boy you thought was your world or who you feel comfortable with enough to share your fears and failures and insecurities, and how these are the people who will be ready to help you get back up when the time calls for it. It may include spontaneous drunk nights outs, or even 3AM conversations because you couldn’t get yourself to sleep.

And then it sinks in, and the songs begin to slow down to the melody of “Cool People” by Chloe x Halle and “H.Y.D” by Joy Postell. It sinks in that these are the people who were by your side when you were at your worst, when you were drunk-texting the same boy for 6 months straight, when you were acting out as a response to your pain, when you were at your losing season. And with that, there’s that sense of peace I mentioned earlier. You’ve found your constants.

Listen to this playlist as you go on a road trip with your friends to a nearby beach, or as you drive around the neighborhood looking for a fast food chain that’s still open at 3AM. These people need to know the value and the peace they have brought to your life, and just how much you’re looking forward to having them with you in the days to come.