They say the “new third base” of modern dating is getting ghosted. Receiving a drunk text just when you think you’ve moved on would be a strong contender for the fourth.

These are just some of the common nuances of modern dating that members of a Facebook group, subtle clown traits, share with one another — completely just for laughs. These usually come in the form of screenshots of messages that vary from double-texting someone who has no plan of responding, willingly taking back someone who’s very much likely to hurt you again, and even conversations between friends to try and snap them back to reality.

Photo of a post on “subtle clown traits.” Names have been blurred out for the privacy of the members.

Most of the posts are funny, a lot of them will hit too close to home, and some of them honestly make you wanna tell the one who posted, “You need to show yourself some more love, girl.”

As someone who has been both the clown or and on the receiving end of the clownery, what keeps me scrolling through the group’s posts is definitely how real the posts are. Some of them seem like they could have been sent by me or someone I dated, and the fact that these are screenshots of other people’s actual conversations someone provide relief and remind me that I am not alone.

Photo of a post on “subtle clown traits.” Names have been blurred out for the privacy of the members.

Even though the group’s intention was really just for kicks, it unfortunately also says a lot about how dating really is these days. For every instance of someone getting ghosted, you’re reminded of just how much people fear intimacy. In every text conversation between a guy with a girlfriend and his ex lies proof that there cheating is actually pretty common. And so on and so forth.

Still, like I said: there’s a lot of comfort in knowing you’re not alone, and I guess the fact that a lot of us are able to post about it and laugh about it now shows that we have (hopefully) learned our lesson.

Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or just a reminder that there are people who are as equally dumb as you are when it comes to love, you’ll definitely enjoy going through the posts of subtle clown traits — or maybe even share your own!