About Us

Some time in March 2016, the page RATED AHRT was created by a group of six Communication Arts students from De La Salle University-Manila with the sole purpose of passing our Electronic Publishing Majors. Today and during that time when we first pitched it to our professor, the purpose of the page has remained the same: to bridge the gap between the greater majority of people and the discussions on art and culture. RATED AHRT was created on the insight that everyone and anyone could appreciate art if: 1) it is accessible, and 2) it is packaged in a way that is relatable, understandable, and of distinguishable value to them.

The reason our name sounds a lot like “Rated R” and is why “art” is intentionally spelled with an additional letter “H”—the way people who view art as a higher entity that they cannot reach would pronounce it to make fun of it—is because we want to show that art is not off-limits to anyone, and are challenging those who think that there are those who are not worthy of participating in this discourse. To put it simply: the name is a mockery of the elitism in the field of the arts.

Through this platform, that has thankfully grown substantially over the years, we want to encourage more discourse on these topics, within a more inclusive space in which anyone could feel they are allowed participate in. We seek to accomplish that by creating content that is relatable and understandable to the every type of reader, while still being informative and maintaining a level of substance.

We hope that you also choose to take part in these conversations, and enjoy the discussions we seek to create with you. We will know our platform has succeeded when you walk away from what we have crafted for you with a new insight that you would want to share, a question to ponder upon, or an idea and an added vigor to put it into action.

RATED AHRT is together with you in cultivating the arts in all forms and elevating the level of discourse for all. Together, let’s open up the discussions on art and culture to everyone.